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This game will feature travel as a significant theme. To that end, I want to present an overview of the rest of the major Vampire cities of the world, in case your groups needs to go globetrotting, or in case anyone wants to put some authenticity into their back story.

· Primary vampire the Masquerade cities around my World of Darkness.

Australia/New Zealand

Sydney: Surprisingly enough, Sydney is home to quite a few Toreador, who are no doubt attracted to the city’s eclectic architecture and Opera House. Gangrel have flocked to Australia for years, but only pass through the city itself on their way to the challenges of the outback.

Auckland: Nominally under the control of the Camarilla, but the vampires of New Zealand enjoy an unprecedented amount of freedom. The Sabbat also has a presence here, and has enjoyed much success in stirring up the local population against them.


Tokyo: Cainites aren’t active in the Far East, though since the 1940s, the emergence of cultures means there has been some inevitable mixing of blood. Lasombra pirates and Ventrue expatriates fight each other with wads of cash and illegal weapons by both land and sea.

Beijing: The Kindred of the Occident only rarely journey into the Far East. A brewing war with the Kuei-Jin (“eastern vampires”) makes China a dangerous place for any childe of Caine.

Moscow: Prior to the fall of the Shadow Curtain, many Nosferatu were trapped within the boundaries of Russia. Now, wandering Kindred of all Clans seek to capitalize on the shifts in local government, both mortal and vampiric.

Africa/Middle East

Baghdad: The smart vampires left Baghdad before the U.S.’s invasion of the region. Assamites spur on the radical actions of mortal groups, but are met with the stubbornness of imported soldiers under the influence of Ventrue and Setite puppet masters.

Cairo: Egypt means the Setites, almost exclusively. Ventrue business interests regularly run through the city, and the Assamites take a keen interest in any Kindred visiting.


Prague: An up-and-coming city in Eastern Europe, Prague sees all kinds, but keeps only a few. The Nosferatu have a firm power base here, and other Clans do business under their watchful eyes.

Venice: The Giovanni have moved a large part of their banking and business practices to Venice as part of their overall attempt to dominate Italy. Brujah and Assamite criminal syndicates are making a push for control, though.

Rome: Even vampires fear to wade into the crushing traffic of this ages-old city. The Ventrue, Lasombra, and Giovanni wage a secret war behind the flashing lights and fragrant smells of the ancient Latin capitol.

Berlin: Home to two Ventrue Princes, Gustav Breienstein in the East, Wilhelm Waldburg in the West. There is also a very powerful Setite Methuselah called Nefertiti and a small Sabbat presence, led by Heinrich Himmler. Site of the Ascension of Caine; see Berlin by Night.

Vienna: Vienna has been home to the Tremere Clan since before Austria started speaking German. There is no contest between Clans here, as the Pyramid holds this major city tightly in its grip. There is also a sect of Giovanni bankers in the city that try to keep a low profile.

Paris: Said to be the home town of the Toreador, the City of Lights is host to a great number of artistically-oriented Kindred.

Madrid: Previously the seat of power of Cardinal Moncada, Madrid is still firmly in the grip of the Lasombra, and by extension, the Sabbat. However, given the Moorish influences in Spanish history, Assamites also have interests in the city.

London: Sabbat packs and Camarilla coteries roam the streets nightly, engaging in their never-ending Jihad for control of this important metropolis.

North America

Montreal: The soul of the Sabbat. Previously under the Archbishop Carolina Valez of Clan Lasombra. Since 1998, the Archbishop is Alfred Benezri the Pander who is on the Path of Redemption. It is also the home of the demon Metathiax.

Toronto: Home of the Sabbat Cardinal Kyle Strathcona, a Ventrue antitribu.

New York: A stronghold of the Camarilla holds out against constant Sabbat raids, though traitors from within seek to play both sides against the middle.

  • “Ahh, New York. The jewel in my crown, and the ache in my head.” – Archbishop Francisco Polonia

Washington, D.C.: Recently taken over by the Sabbat as the first step in a larger campaign, the Black Hand coordinates their packs from here. Much currying with mortal agencies still goes on, but hunters who seek to “protect” the politicians are a growing problem.

Atlanta: A push by the Sabbat in 1999 allowed them to capture this city from the Camarilla, driving out established Kindred and giving them a strong foothold in the South for their continued march North.

Miami: Brujah criminal gangs, Setite drug dens, Giovanni smuggling rings, even the sighting of a Mariner or two… Miami is a busy place in the World of Darkness, tactitly controlled by the Sabbat, but not even their packs can prevent Miami from being a largely neutral location where those interested in profit go to town.

  • “Blood, drugs, women, and money. Man, this place is paradise.” – Joe Hetchinson, Brujah Anarch
  • Tempest Coast

New Orleans: Mardi Gras attracts dozens of vampires each year, in addition to the dozen more who make the city their permanent home. The Followers of Set and the Giovanni have capitalized on the city’s reputation for debauchery. Within the city, they are safe… but in the swamps outside?

Chicago: The Sabbat is moving in and challenging the Camarilla, which is already spread thin from dealing with Lupine attacks.

  • “A good place to go if you’re a Lupine hunter. A bad place to go if you’re not.” – ‘Spazzy’ Charles, Malkavian

Dallas: Once firmly in the grips of the Camarilla, Dallas has come under siege by the Sabbat recently. With their efforts in the Northeast costing more and more unlives, a corridor for re-enforcements from the south was conceived. Dallas is the first step on that road.

Houston: Neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat has much interest in Houston – at least, not until they’ve finished fighting it out in the northeast. A few wandering Anarchs occassionally pass through, which means Houston is an open market for many Independents.

Las Vegas: No single force could really be said to “control” Las Vegas. The mortals see to it that something new is always going on, with or without the knowledge of the Kindred. However, the two clans that wield the most influence are the Giovanni and the Nosferatu.

Seattle: The Space Needle shines over constant squabbling for feeding rights and political gambles. Though home to relatively few permanent vampires, Seattle sees a lot of Camarilla, Sabbat, and Anarch traffic.

Portland: Home to many Independents that haven’t yet migrated to the Anarch Movement. Portland’s northwestern location is attractive to many Gangrel, though other Clans eye the city as an important piece of real-estate.

Los Angeles: Though strictly part of the Anarch Free State, both the Camarilla and the Sabbat eye L.A. hungrily and regularly send agents there. The Anarchs may not be able to resist choosing a side for much longer, as the Kuei-Jin are aggressive and brutal in their attempts to control California.

  • “Definitely a ‘house’, not a ‘home’.” – Pei Lao, Kuei-Jin
  • “Black, white, red, yellow… taste the f*cking rainbow.” – Henry (“Hairy”) Swanson, Anarch

Santa Monica: Though not as hotly contested as the larger city to the south, Los Angeles, Santa Monica is home to gangs of Anarchs that seek to keep the expanding influence of the Camarilla and the Sabbat in check.

  • Santa Monica is one of the major zones in the computer game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and is currently managed by Baron Therese Voerman on behalf of the Camarilla.

San Francisco: This city used to be a part of the Anarch Free State, and enjoyed the attentions of dozens of expressionist Toreador, Brujah, and even Nosferatu. Then the Kuei-Jin moved in and eradicated every vampire they could find to gain a foothold for their “New Promise Madarinate”.

  • “If I hear someone refer to me as “the San Francisco treat” just one more time…!" – Miss Phoebe Michelle, Toreador poseur

Tulsa: Once the Oil Capitol of the US, Tulsa has fallen off the map in recent decades. A few Ventrue still cling to existence here but the constant raids by werewolves has taken its toll. The city is ripe for the taking.

Middle/South America

Mexico City: Primarily Sabbat-controlled, with a strong presence of higher-generation Lasombra. Vampires of other sects tread lightly here, if at all. Believed to be the site of the destruction of all (or at least most) of the Tremere antitribu within the Sabbat.

Buenos Aires: Originally higher-generation Lasombra ruled over the city during it’s colonial and early independent times. During the first half of the 20th century many Toreador (in the form of artists and hippies/travelers) and Brujah ex-patriates from Latin Europe flocked into the city. Also during this time the first Ventrue (in the form of early industrialists and/or land owners, prominently from Anglo-Saxon Europe) came in and still have positions of great power and influence. Social and political unrest of the second half of the 20th century was fueled by Camarilla and Sabbat clashes which led to Camarilla taking the most influential spots in government and industry.

Thinking locally: Vampires closer to home

Most of the cities around Ohio are a bit too boring to sustain Vampire interest. Dayton is nominally controlled by a few Anarachs, but hardly sustains much of a population of undead. It’s more of a pit stop for independents, and power brokers looking to control routes to other cities. Columbus is a Camerilla stronghold, ruled currently by a very traditional Toredador prince, who holds great favor for the ventrue all along I-70. Detroit was once a prosperous Ventrue stronghold, but in the last few years has decayed from apathy and economic woes, that have forced cammerillan interests elsewhere. In their absence the sabbat have firmly taken root, lead by a former cammy Brujah, who keeps other sects out with an iron fist (and packs of shotgun wielding malkavians)! From West Virginia to Georgia, there is little to no vampire activity. The werewolves have forced them all out to other places.

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