Daniel Kerinsky

A businessman


Daniel is a Caucasian, of average height and fairly athletic. He has nicely trimmed hair, glasses and always wears a 3 piece suit.

His assistant, Marcus, is always close at hand, taking notes, making calls, etc. Marcus is very athletic and muscular. He has short cut hair, and too wears a suit similar to Daniel’s.


Daniel move to Springfield from out West. With his considerable wealth, he immediately set up shop as a power player in the local business scene.

Daniel mostly keeps to himself, though he has been building a small power base in town with the local vampires.

His offices in High Tower, located on the corner of High and S. Lime, deal with stocks in foreign nations, mainly in Asia. These offices are on the top two floors. The other eight floors are rented out to various businesses that do a variety of things. People are coming and going at all hours of the day.

Daniel Kerinsky

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