Welcome to Ohio. Ha ha. Now your stuck in Ohio.

This will be set in modern day. There will be some changes to the current Springfield we all know. The population is a lot larger. The divide between affluent and poor is also even larger. The ghettos on the south side of town are a lot rougher, and ran by small crime circles. The industry in the area is much bigger and more successful. Navistar is still booming, Assurant is a larger corporate center, a lot of the run down old factories in town that are empty, are filled with companies using the easy access to 70 and railroads. Of course the Ventrue have their hands in all of this, brokering for power and control of the money. The Springfield Art/Natural History Museum is also much larger, and houses one of the best displays of Egyptian artifice in the country. Wittenburg University is much bigger and far more prestigious. The layout of the roadways and such are basically the same. Many of the vampires of the city are very solitary, and almost none of them live in the city proper except for the Ventrue, Tremere, and the Brujah. The Toreador tend to congregate around the community of North Ridge. The only known Gangrel has a haven in Tremont City.

Springfield by Night